risks of repetition

"time machine September 15, 2013

 I googled and found an entry by me, which I quoted here, and lost.  That's okay. Look up  "you all look so wrinkled and so young"  if you care to check it  out.... 

That was a direct lift from a Google entry by me. Shock! I turn a corner and meet me. I was checking that line of Eliot’s I quoted and found me quoting it. (I still have to make sure that’s the right wording and source.) I wanted to use it, the line, because of my experience yesterday, attending the Chancellor’s Tea at the University of Manitoba, held during Homecoming and especially honouring five-year alumni. It has been 65 years since I received my first (Dble. Hons.) degree in 1951. I specify Double Honours because it meant an extra year to get it and I don’t know any graduates from that year, as my cohorts left the coop in 1950 - without a convocation because 1950 was the Year of the Flood in Winnipeg before Duff’s Ditch.I won’t go into any more detail here. Do I have to tell you everything?

Where was I?

Looking for that line. Did I check it in 2013? I usually do. I can’t now because I’m not at home. I still have all my Eliot books, nicely marked up, but I can’t get them right now. I’ll check when I return - today, as a matter of fact. but I’ll be tired, and I have an Icelandic class tonight and a spreadsheet lesson tomorrow morning and physio therapy in the afternoon and then there’s laundry, so it might take a while.

It’s a good line, though. Maybe I said it.