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Words, that is.

teratology  noun:  1 Medicine & Biology, the scientific study of congenital abnormalities and abnormal formations. he has made a long study of teratology.   figurative : the teratologies of human corruption.   2 mythology relating to fantastic creatures and monsters.

ocellated adjective  (of an animal) having eye-like markings.

allograph noun:  Linguistics,  each of two or more alternative forms of a letter of an alphabet or other grapheme, for example the capital, lower case, italic, and various handwritten forms of a letter.  • Phonetics each of two or more letters or letter combinations representing a single phoneme in different words. Allographs of the phoneme |f| include the (f) of ‘fake’ and the (ph) of ‘phase

ORIGIN 1950s: from allo-‘other, different’ + grapheme.

morphology  noun (pl.morphologies)  1  the study of the forms of things, in particular:       • the branch of biology that deals with the form of living organisms, and with relationships between their structures.

• Linguistics the study of the forms of words, in particular inflected forms. grammar is organized along two main dimensions: morphology and syntax. a generative approach to Italian morphology.  2 a particular form, shape, or structure.  ORIGIN mid 19th cent.: from Greek morphē ‘form’ + -logy.

anaphora noun  1 Grammar the use of a word referring back to a word used earlier in a text or conversation, to avoid repetition, for example the pronouns he, she, it, and they and the verb do in I like it and so do they. Compare with cataphora.  2 Rhetoric the repetition of a word or phrase at the beginning of successive clauses.  3 Christian Church the part of the Eucharist which contains the consecration, anamnesis, and communion.

ORIGIN late 16th cent.: sense 1, sense 2 via Latin from Greek, ‘repetition’, from ana- ‘back’ + pherein ‘to bear’; sense 3 from late Greek.

cataphora   noun:[ mass noun ] Grammar: the use of a word or phrase that refers to or stands for a later word or phrase (e.g. the pronoun he in he may be approaching 37, but Jeff has no plans to retire from the sport yet). Compare with anaphora.  ORIGIN 1970s: from cata- on the pattern of anaphora.

thill  noun: historical:  a shaft, especially one of a pair, used to attach a cart or carriage to the animal drawing it.    ORIGIN Middle English: of unknown origin.

I WAS ACTUALLY LOOKING UP THIRL, but it wasn't in the online dictionary.  I found thill instead. I have other, esoteric dictionaries. I'll try them...

katakana noun [ mass noun]  the more angular form of kana (syllabic writing) used in Japanese, primarily used for words of foreign origin. Compare with hiragana.  ORIGIN early 18th cent.: Japanese, literally ‘side kana


hiragana  noun [ mass noun ] the more cursive form of kana (syllabic writing) used in Japanese, primarily used for function words and inflections. Compare with katakana.   ORIGIN Japanese, ‘plain kana’.




good for 20 years or the end, whichever comes first

I remember when my father was dying (cancer of the pancreas), he made jokes about green bananas (don't order them because they won't ripen in time for you to eat them), magazine subscriptions, serial stories, and so on.  I thought of him a few weeks ago when I  bought a new passport. I had a choice of a five-year or a ten-year document.  I chose the  five-year. I have a feeling I won't feel much like travelling after another five years. Today I bought a new mattress, good for twenty years of slumber - not eternal slumber..  My son helped me choose it, and he delivered it (on his roof rack) and carried it in (no dolly), installed it (with his bare hands, bless him).  As I was tucking in the mattress protector,  I commented that I probably won't be here when the bed is dismantled. He agreed.  But my financial planner has told me that I have enough money if I live frugally  (how frugally?) to last until I'm 105. So I won't have to buy a new mattress. I have no intention of buying  another mattress.  I do not intend to "let myself go".  i do not intend to veg out with Netflix.  I do not intend to quit drinking wine in order to live another year or so (???). 

I think I'm going to stick around - for a while. (I could be wrong.) Anyway, I'll be sleeping better.