Snow at last in Toronto — all day. Lovely day to stay in and get caught up, which I planned to do but I got bogged down in a ditch (aka glitch) shopping onllne. Maddening also time-consuming. Afternoon tea with a friend by the fire—Channel 204 on TV, better than electric because it snaps, crackles and pops—calmed me down a bit. My Paper Desk looks better, if you don’t look at the floor around it: scattered piles of paper seemingly at random but destined for folders, files and follow-ups.


Thanks to my two commenters with their helpful suggestions. Funny thing: I looked up my name on Amazon to see if there are any reviews yet—no, but most of my past books are listed all in a (vertical) row. I guess they were sniffing around after my new title popped up.

And that’s all I have to say about that. (For now.) My Paper Desk has yielded up a sheaf of paper scraps with words printed here and there among the noodges. I propose dealing with them, the words not the noodges.

push verb

1 she tried to push him away: shove, thrust, propel, impel; send, press, drive, plunge, stick, force, shoot, ram, bump, knock, strike, hit, jolt, butt, prod, poke, nudge, elbow, shoulder; bulldoze, sweep, jostle, bundle, hustle, hurry, rush, manhandle. ANTONYMS pull.

2 he tried to push his way into the flat: force (one's way), shove, thrust, squeeze, jostle, elbow, shoulder; thread, wind, work, inch.

3 he managed to push a silent panic button: press (down), push down, depress, exert pressure on, bear down on, hold down, squeeze; operate, activate, actuate.

4 don't push her to join in if she doesn't want to: urge, press, pressure, put pressure on, pressurize, force, drive, impel, coerce, nag; lean on, prevail on; dragoon into, steamroller into, browbeat into, use strong-arm tactics on; informal put the heat on, put the screws on, twist someone's arm, railroad into, bulldoze into.

5 the manufacturers of each fuel push their own products: advertise, publicize, promote, give publicity to, beat/bang the drum for, popularize; sell, market, merchandise; informal plug, give a plug to, hype, hype up, give a puff to, puff, puff up, boost, flog; N. Amer. informal ballyhoo, flack, huckster.

nudge |verb [ with obj. ]

prod (someone) gently with one's elbow in order to attract attention: people were nudging each other and pointing at me.

• touch or push (something) gently or gradually: the canoe nudged a bank of reeds.

• coax or gently encourage (someone) to do something: we have to nudge the politicians in the right direction.

• approach (an age, figure, or level) very closely: both men were nudging fifty I WAS GOING TO CHERRY-PICK A FEW WORDS, BUT IT’S LATE NOW.

See, this is how I squander time. I was trying to see how I came up with my verb to noodge, and I saved a lot of stuff on WORD, but then I went into the office to find a script someone wants to see, a very old one long past the timeline, and subsequent external hard drive….

…and I found myself digging into old scripts and notes and old/new discoveries, very time-consuming. Everything is.

I found a hard copy of the script and a large beat sheet, ready for the next draft.

It would be so much easier if I managed to sell everything. Then I wouldn’t have this backlog of unrequited dreams and paper.

i’ll do some words tomorrow. Where did the time go?

shameless self-promotion

This is the next step of self-publishing. I have begun to write (badger) people, groups, book clubs whatever, offering me as a speaker.

I suggest they check out Google and Amazon and my blog. I’d better start writing more regularly. I keep coming across ideas I wold love to pursue . Soon. I’ll make a list.

If anyone would like to make a comment, I’d be grateful.