time just keeps flowing

I'll see what day Blog thinks this is. I'm just checking in to see, and also to keep a promise, to fill in some missing information on yesterday's report.  It's too late for me now - whatever time it is for you or for me.  

Anon, anon. Tune in later, and check my facts yesterday, soon, but not now.....

so when is now?

There, you see? It's still today but I just logged in as far as ol' bloggie knows.  If I stay under this label tomorrow, will I - or it - be back in sync?

I'm going to bed now.  When I check back in - on this page -  perhaps it will be January 23.

NOW: It  really is, but SquareSpace was playing games with me. I couldn't check in earlier today and wasn't even given a cursor to move, simply had to exit. Just on the chance, I tried it now and lo! here I am, latching on to my intro (above). The trouble is with me now: I am tired. I have been puttering on several different levels: one domestic (laundry, and a bit of cooking - having people for lunch tomorrow); two, still tweaking my WWII screenplay, tweaking  plus re-writing..  I must, however, say something thoughtful, because who knows what's going to happen tomorrow?

Well, I haven't reported much about what I've been raeadng lately - not as much reading because of writing more - and also they are very thick books that take more time to read and also must be read at the breakfast table because they are too big to hold in my hands. A QUEER LOVE STORY is the correspondence between Rick Bébout and Jane Rule.  They were strangers when it began, he the editor of The Body Politic, probably the most influential gay newspaper in North America (19 - ) and she, probably the best-known lesbian author in North America (and elsewhere as she went on writing) was a regular contributor of a column. They progressed from an editor-writer relationship to a very close friendship. I became a friend of Jane's within the time span of the correspondence. We were both on National Council of the Writers' Union, and kept on being friends because Jane invited me to visit her and Helen (her partner) on Galiano Island  (once became many times) after we might have dwindled to  mere acquaintances.I loved seeing this oner side of her that I didn't know.  Over 700 pages the book was, so it took some time.

Now I've begun another breakfast table book, a long  diary  - I have never stopped reading women's diaries. The diarist is Jean/Lucy Pratt. she kept a diary for xx years.  I'm into it, enough to be annoyed with her. I'll analyse that later.  But I have decided I'll stay with her only through World War Two, for the sake of my WWII screenplay, but then I may change my breakfast fare.