the day after

Another Stratford day yesterday, a long and fruitful one, and tiring.  More anon.

And I do mean anon, like  tomorrow.    I just found a story I've been thinking about for quite a while in the light of current events and I want to bring it to your attention and thoughts..  Does anyone remember a 1931 story by James Thurber, "The Greatest Man in the World"?   It's the story of Jack "Pal" Smurch who flew nonstop around the world and who has become a great national hero. He's a scumbag with a criminal record, but the public expects  a true hero. He just wants to know what' s in it for him: money, fame, good times. The politicians planning his celebration push Smurch out of a hi-rise window, thereby ensuring the preservation of his reputation as a revered symbol. The story is satire. ("Satire," said the playwright George Kaufman [1889-1961], "is what closes on Saturday night.") 

Well, I keep thinking of that story and also of the Aesop fable about the frogs who wanted a king.You do remember that one.

Someone once said that every government  gets the leader it deserves. [  w:Joseph de Maistre (1 April 175326 February 1821) was a Savoyard lawyer, diplomat, writer, and philosopher.] 

Who decides?