I'm not sure where yesterday went. I know I spent a lot of the afternoon packing, so as to leave the  space for my roommate to do hers today.  I haven't finished, waiting for today's apparel to go in. My problem is I don't have enough  room.  I thought I didn't buy very much but it's bulky, I guess, and I didn't allow enough space for impulse.  That's my problem, but possibly a problem that occurs with many travellers.

The other problem has to do with withdrawal symptoms. For the past leg of the trip I have been seeing ghosts: fellow travellers who weren't going as far as we were but who became friends along the way.  I keep wanting to look up and see them on the Terrace Deck or in the Baristas lounge.  

Re-entry will bring its own problems.  I have solved one of them, however.  I use a grocery delivery service, ever since I gave up my car several years ago.  I can order online and ask for delivery between 7 and 8:30 a.m., right after my swim. I have ordered my groceries already, to be delivered on Thursday morning. That feels good. After that it will be chaos. 

It was a good trip, though.