avoca- do, do you?

Sorry - my aunt had a maid who pronounced avocado like that, emphasis on the do.  And she pronounced consommé, consume.  So I think of Irene when I do avoca-do.  Guacamole was one of the first recipes I ever published for money, in an article for the old Leisureways magazine. It has a different name now, if it still exists.  It was published by the Canadian Automobile Association.  I forget why I put it in the article - word count, maybe?  Anyway, here it is:

Crush 3 or 4 garlic cloves. (use the flat side of the broad end of a large knife, no need for a garlic crusher.) Peel them and mince.  (I always remove the green stem thing inside, though no one ever told me to; I think it's bitter.)  (I didn't say all this in my Leisureways article.)  Drop the garlic pieces in your little chopper (electric?) and give them a whirl. Push the seeds out of a quartered tomato and add them.  Maybe a pinch of salt and a drop of lemon juice to keep the avocado from going brown, plus some fresh cilantro.  Put chunks of  avocado into the chopper and chop it into the tomato-garlic mixture, as much as you see fit.  Some people like almost a puree, others like to keep it chunky. Adorn with a sprig of cilantro on top for artistic effect and serve with chips or crackers.  Any questions?  

Did you know that recipes are very hard to write? Clarity is uppermost but I tend to add a little spice of humour when I can.  Food is anthropomorphic; anyone knows that.  It has human characteristics, usually malevolent.  That's another discussion.